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Time For An Office Restack?

August 06, 2018 Ryan Roberts

It’s that time of the year again, believe it or not, when companies start thinking about making space for new employees, or even relocating offices to make space for all the newcomers. But there must be a better way to use current office space instead of moving entire offices. Good news – there is. Restacking may just be the answer!


What is office restacking?

Before we get into it, you may be thinking, "Wait, what on earth is an office restack?" Restacking is another way of reorganising and rethinking office areas, to determine a better way to utilise space. In doing so, you open up an opportunity to create a more efficient, collaborative workplace that reflects the company’s purpose and objectives. And of course, the way your workplace looks has a direct impact on productivity and happiness. In fact, attention to detail such as layout, colour, decor and light have a major impact on the wellness and culture of your office (more about that, here.)

In time, many workplaces find their space scattered with unused spaces. Restacking is a way to utilise work space to enhance productivity. A restack could be just what your office needs to rejuvenate employees, motivate and create a more productive and positive workplace. It can also be a helpful tool in empowering teams and creating a more streamlined work process. 

While restacking is less complicated than relocating, it also comes with its own set of worries that will need thought, such as the disruption that may occur momentarily during the transition. Careful planning and communication can minimise the interruptions in workflow. When planning the restack, make sure your restacking plan is aligned with your long-term goals.

Take a look at our restack range

Google's got nothing on our playful, private Wiki Booths – a hybrid telephone and solo-working pod.

Our Whiteboard Divide is a great addition to creative spaces or for brainstorming during meetings. We also have the Kanban Divide for office organising such as team 'to-do' lists. The reverse side is plain and can be used as a Whiteboard too. These dividers pair perfectly with the Breakout Table for standing meetings.


The Lean Desk

Meet our Lean Desk, which can be used as a group desk, meeting table or section divider. For smaller offices, use the TEKDESK as a designated standing station in each department.


Need some extra shelves to store books, or an award or two? Add the Linnea Bookshelf to your space.


And finally, our Fin Bookshelf Planter and Fin Locker Planter which make perfect desk dividers and storage units.



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