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DeskCharge - Invisible Wireless Under-Desk Mobile Charger

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The best long-distance wireless charging transmitter compatible with all mobile phones that have wireless charging capability.

Get rid of your charging cables, for good!

DeskCharge uses low-frequency magnetic resonance wireless charging technology and consists of magnetic resonance wireless charging transmitter and desktop magnetic shielding patch. The maximum charging distance is 30mm. This product utilizes a number of proprietary technologies, including split coil technology, split shielding technology, and adaptive frequency tracking technology.

Non-Invasive & Simple to Install

DeskCharge is simple to use and easy to install. No need to cut, drill or damage furniture to install as the invisible wireless charger simply and securely attaches to almost any surface. Fixing options include the 100% non-invasive 3M double sided mounts or for a more secure fixing, anti-theft bracket are also provided. For more information on the DeskCharge installation, check out the attached video.

DeskCharge - Invisible Wireless Desktop Mobile Charger for offices
  • Charges all wireless charging capable devices.
  • DeskCharge is a hidden wireless charging device that re-charges devices through non-metallic 30mm desktop or table surfaces. 
  • Professional wireless charging solution.
  • Enjoy the Convenience Don't have to plug in your phone. Invisible Wireless charger will turn the desktop into a "Charging pad". You can just put the phone on the desktop when you focus on working, and it will be fully charged when the work is done.
  • Fits anywhere under your table top or desktop.
  • Transforms all of non-metallic surface into a fast-charging dock.
  • Long-distance and Fast charging Unique PCBA and coil design realize long-distance and stable fast wireless charging, such as Android 10W and iPhone 7.5W. Ultra-low standby power consumption. It only takes 2 hours to charge an iphone12/13 fully, which is 36% faster than traditional wireless charging.
  • Super fast charging.
  • Super convenient and neat way to keep your phone charged 24/7.
  • Convenient, fast and cable-free invisible/hidden charging points for all environments (public, office, home, restaurant, etc.).
  • No clumsy cables or bulky standard wireless charging pads.
  • Long distance induction coils lets you power-up without a cord or charging pad.
  • Long distance charging base keeps your workspace clean and clutter-free.
  • Basic assembly is required, see installation video below:

Qi-Charge Technology and Specifications.

DeskCharge technology is produced by an OEM & ODM certified manufacturer, who maintains an R&D team of 50 engineers. The team is led by 2 x Ph.D electronic engineers. Currently, they hold 62 x patents which covers wireless magnetic field and electromagnetic coupling worldwide.

DeskCharge - Invisible Wireless Desktop Mobile Charger42

This latest long-distance, wireless technology, charges Qi-enabled cell phones through up to 30mm non-metal surfaces like wood, plastic, glass, granite, quartz, and marble with 15w fast charging speed, which is 50% faster than ordinary wireless charging products.

DeskCharge is the most professional long distance wireless charging technology and PCBA solution in the world!



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