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JUMBO Standing Desk Sit-Stand Anti Fatigue Mat

GOLD Package - JUMBO DeskStand Natural, Anti-Fatigue Mat, Silver Keyboard, Hook, MOFT Laptop Riser & Cork Mousepad


Delivery Time: 5 working days.JUMBO DeskStand sit-stand standing desk furniture for office

GOLD Package - JUMBO DeskStand Natural , Anti-Fatigue Mat, Silver Keyboard, Hook, MOFT Laptop Riser & Cork Mousepad (18cm x 22cm) COMBO.

Dual Screen, Sit-Stand Workstation is for the multi-tasking individual who needs more space and a separate monitor, or two!

  • Built-in cable manager and smartphone/tablet holder.
  • 10 slot ladder unit for enhanced height adjustability.
  • Can adapt to a sitting position by lowering the bottom shelf.
  • Innovative flat pack design for environmentally friendly transport and easy storage.
  • Weight: 12kg's (Extremely strong, Premium, 18mm Baltic Birch plywood material)
  • Very simple 4 stage slotting assembly – No screws needed!
  • JUMBO topshelf may be used for two 21.5" screens OR laptop/screen.
  • JUMBO bottom shelf may be used for a keyboard and mouse.
  • Each shelf can hold up to 16kg's of weight.

    Product ships flat packed to reduce our carbon footprint.
    Basic assembly is required.
Wood material used
JUMBO DeskStand Standing Desk Sit Stand Compact Desk height adjustable retrofit
Do you feel leg or foot fatigue? Sciatica nerve pain?
The Buffalo Mat is made from the highest quality foam. Benefits? This mat is specifically designed to Reduce Fatigue in your legs and feet that's caused from standing for over 3 hours.

  • Beautifully designed, thick 22mm Buffalo Mat.
  • Reduces fatigue in your legs and feet that's caused from standing for over 3 hours.
  • Triple layered foam is ergonomically engineered at the highest-grade.
  • Strong, durable support for high traffic areas will not break down or compress over time.
  • Textured surface and non-slip bottom prevents slipping.
  • Advanced bevelled edge design prevents tripping.
  • Easy to clean waterproof material can be vacuumed or wiped with a damp cloth.
  • Non-toxic and phthalate free.
  • Size: 81cm x 51cm x 22mm (Ships flat, to avoid unwanted curled edges).
Areas of use:
  • Standing and working at your Sit-Stand or Standing Desk.
  • Kitchen - cooking at the stove, washing dishes.
  • Cash register behind a counter, Workshop, Hair Salons, Laundry area, etc.

Did you know: It only takes 90 minutes of standing on a concrete floor before fatigue sets in. A significant loss of concentration starts around 50 minutes into that 90. What about the rest of the day? Not a great statistic if you're on your feet all day.


The MOFT laptop only laptop riser you will ever need!

Laptops have offered us the maximum flexibility to work anywhere, but it also leads to shoulder pain and diminished comfort. Disappointed by the bulky laptop stands on the market, we set out to make the MOFT invisible laptop stand, which is lightweight, portable, convenient, patented and feels “invisible”.

It's very easy for you to use MOFT stand and only takes One Second to open and close it. so you won't have a frustration of spending much time on packing and unpacking the device.

Plus, MOFT is always with the Laptop, so you have the same mobility you are used to.

  • Dimensions: 17cm x 22,4cm x 3mm
  • Secured by use of: Adhesive tape
  • Height Adjustments: 5 - 7,6cm
  • Material: PU, Fiberglass, Removable glue
  • Compatible Model: 11.6"-15.6" Laptops with no air vents underside (Not including Surface Book.)

Weighing a mere 3 oz. and only 1/9” thick, you just might forget you’re carrying MOFT around with you. And for the benefits MOFT stand provides as a mobile workstation, It's small measurements are that much more impressive! 

MOFT stand is constructed with unique PU and fiber glass material, meaning it’s as strong and stable as other bulkier stands at a fraction of the size! It can hold up to 8kg's.

It's compatible with a wide range of Laptops - Fits up to 15.6" Laptops

With built-in magnets, you can unfold MOFT stand quickly and it securely attaches to the flat surface.

Built-in Magnets

MOFT is equipped with two elevation adjustments, so that you can easily find your ideal height and posture:

The high setting (7,6cm) is perfect for a sitting posture, and the low setting (7,6cm) is great for a standing posture.This flexibility helps prevent neck and shoulder pain while looking at the screen.

MOFT stand’s removable glue lets it conveniently attach and detach from your laptop without leaving a single mark or scratch, re-attaching with the same strong effectiveness.

Important notice

➤ Please CHECK your laptop models before purchase, to avoid expensive and long exchanging process. The MOFT Stand (adhesive) is compatible with a wide range of laptops up to 15.7” - including the MacBook Air and Pro.

➤To deliver the best ever products to our customers, we have conducted tests including but not limited to 30,000 times of folding, 200 times of adhesion, extreme temperature and slip resistance, and we’re confident that MOFT has passed all of them.


Get Ergonomic, with a Separate Keyboard for your DeskStand

  • The perfect partner for your existing DeskStand!
  • Ergonomic tilt is designed to reduce wrist strain.
  • Professional, ultra-slim keyboard design.
  • Responsive wireless 3.0 Bluetooth Keyboard.
  • Built for PC, Apple or iPad Series iOS System. (Suitable for most other Bluetooth-enabled tablets, laptops, and computers.)
  • Low power consumption for extended usage on battery power.
  • PLUS Automatic sleep mode when not in use.
  • Powered by 2 x AAA Batteries (excludes batteries).
  • Low voltage indicator for low battery warning.
  • Keyboard Dimensions : 28.5cm*12cm*2.2cm.

Custom Lazer Engraved Logo
2. DeskStand Canvas Carry Bag:
Fits any JUMBO or Original DeskStand when packed flat.
Can also be used as a high quality laundry bag.



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