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JASWIG - My First Kids Standing Desk


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The only wooden height adjustable standing desk!

The My First StandUp is a height adjustable desk for children that was specifically designed to their needs.

  • Suited for Ages 6 to 12 Years.
  • Super Space Saving workstation!
  • Can easily adapt from standing to a sitting position by lowering the bottom shelf.
  • Innovative flat pack design with no screws for environmentally friendly transport and easy storage.
  • Specifically designed built-in storage hides paper, books, etc.
  • Extremely strong, Premium, Baltic Birch plywood material.
  • Note: This product is made to order and therefore our no returns policy applies.

Desk features

  • Height range: 69cm - 89cm
    • 6 heights in 3,8cm increments
  • Top size: 46cm x 59cm
  • Storage cubby
  • Weight capacity: 50 kg
  • FSC-certified Birch plywood
  • Built-in ergonomic footrest

Great for kids

  • Rounded edges
  • No pinch-points for their fingers
  • The desk grows with your child
  • High quality natural materials, maintaining your indoor air quality
  • Suited for ages 6 to 12 years
  • Warranty: limited lifetime

Shipping dimensions:

  • 66cm x 59cm x 16cm
  • 11kg's

Pre-school, the perfect place to start a revolution.

Behind this simple desk is an audacious vision: to change our culture’s sedentary ways by getting kids up and moving at an early age. Not only is movement so vitally important to good health—physical, mental and emotional—but as every parent and teacher can tell you, when kids are given the opportunity to burn energy in a productive way, they are much better able to focus on their work. Children thrive on movement, and for some—like Jaswig cofounder Mathias, who dealt with ADD as a kid—the option to stand can make all the difference in their experience of school and feelings of success.


Anti Fatigue Foam Mat - Gen 2
1. The Anti Fatigue Foam Mat:

Using an Anti Fatigue Foam Mat comes highly recommended! Add this item to your cart to reduce strain on your legs while standing for up to 4 hours per day.
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