cable manager sleeve organiser clip

Cable Management Sleeve 100 cm


The Cable Management Sleeve is simple, light weight in design and hides all your TV, Computer and Electronic cables and cords beautifully!

  • NO MORE tangled cables.
  • Cords wrap up neatly and hide in one sleeve, keeping your living and working space neat and tidy.
  • FLEXIBLE AND DURABLE: Made from a premium quality, form-fitting EVA material. This cable organizer stands up to plenty of wear and tear and protects your cords from foot traffic or hungry pets.
  • Reversible black and white colours, black surface will not get dirty easily and white surface looks cleaner and fit seamlessly with your decor.  
  • CUSTOM LENGTH: Cable sleeves and covers can be easily cut with scissors to get the perfect length to match your needs.
  • Cut holes where needed for cable exit and entrance.
  • Allows for 1 - 10 cables in one sleeve.
  • Pair sleeves together to Double the Capacity, perfect for lots of cables!
  • SIZE: 100cm x 11.5cm wide (unwrapped) x 3cm diameter (Wrapped)

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