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Perch Chair


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perch chair stool adjustable ergonomic standing at the office

Improve posture and maintain your focus with Perch Chair!

By introducing a balance between sitting and standing you are reduces the health risks associated with sitting or standing for long periods. Sitting for long periods may lead to a variety of sitting-related health issues. While standing for long periods may be overtaxing on your legs, back, and feet.
In addition,  Perch Chair activates your core muscles and helps you burn calories!
Perch Chair let's you “perch and rotate” which keeps your legs and core moving, while offering plenty of support throughout your long workday. Its adjustable height allows it to be raised and lowered along with your height adjustable sit-stand desk. These features make  Perch Chair the perfect accessory for any sit-stand desk or a conventional sitting desk.  
  • The ergonomic seat design tilts forward which decreases the load on your lower back and minimizes the risk for lower back pain.
  • Innovative "wobble" design strengthens your core and maintains a straight posture while engaging your leg muscles.
  • The seat cushion is very comfortable and is wrapped in a durable, black, plush material fabric.
  • Swivel seat rotates up to 90 degrees and snaps back to the center when not in use.
  • Lever-actuated pneumatic air cylinder is used for effortless height adjustment to either a sitting or perching position.
  • Sturdy, steel frame has a durable powder coat finish.
  • Double hand rails are designed for enhanced grip and manoeuvrability.
  • Counter-balanced, 40cm base is non-marking.
  • Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association (BIFMA) certified for safety, comfort, and durability.
  • Tested for: 100 kg's
  • Seat diameter: 40cm Deep x 40cm Wide
  • Min. seat height: 54 cm
  • Max. seat height: 72 cm
  • Product weight: 9.5 kg's
Note: This product requires basic assembly.



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