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Working at a desk adds new meaning to my life. Here's why:

February 15, 2015 Ryan Roberts

**MUST READ**** THANK YOU ANDRE from Memeburn for such a great article on us and awesome read on Standing and Working!

Working at a desk adds new meaning to my life. Here's why #DESKSTAND

Still standing?

That’s the one question I’ve been asked most at my new job, not because I struggle with new pressures but rather because I literally haven’t taken a seat. New colleagues and visitors to our office are the type who really want to make conversation. As the only standing person they are sort of drawn to me. That and there’s this weird thing in front of me.

It’s become the latest office fad: standing desks; costing forward-thinking firms millions as they replace cubicles with power-adjustable height desks. But those things are expensive as hell and apparently break easily. Still, I really wanted one and since my boss’s famous last words were, “anything you want”, I forced him to buy treadmill desks. A day in I knew it wasn’t happening.

Our modern lives have forced us all to sit down for at least eight hours a day, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve never worked in an office where people actually stretch and do exercises at their desks like we’re all told to. A previous employer made me take a two-hour workplace ergonomics lecture. For the rest of the day I was very aware of my posture. The next day I returned to my old slouching self.


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