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We offer FREE DELIVERY to all our customers to anywhere in South Africa!
Local orders will ship via our Express Courier service. You may view the latest shipping times on the related product page.

* Excludes orders weighing under 1kg and over a total of 80kg's which is quoted separately.

Once your DeskStand order has shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number to let you know exactly where your package is. Please allow 24 hours for the tracking number to activate.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes we do, All international orders are processed via our this online store using one of our payment methods, including PayPal.

All international orders will ship via our Airmail Express service within to 5 - 15 working days for delivery. We unfortunately do not guarantee arrival dates although we do provide expedited shipping for international orders. Please note that international shipping fees do not cover any customs or import duties; your package may be held at your local post office for payment of charges. 

Customs and import taxes: In most countries it is a requirement for parcels to go through customs. This is standard practice when any parcel is entering a country. These rates vary between countries and are for the customers expense. There may be multiple charges such as import taxes, VAT charges, customs duty, clearance fees, etc. DeskStand is only responsible for posting the parcel via our express airmail service and getting it to you in good order. It is the customers responsibility to take receipt of the parcel and pay any fees charged by customs.

Once your DeskStand order has shipped, a tracking number is sent to you to let you know exactly where your package is on its journey to you. Please allow 24 hours for the tracking number to activate.

Note: We also offer bulk order discounts and we ship internationally every month to the US, UK, Europe and Australia. 

Customer Service

Monday - Friday 9pm - 5pm GMT (By appointment only!)
Customer Service: 021 012 5278
Customer Service (WhatsApp): +27 74 126 1189
Customer Service Email: Please use the message us button on the bottom right.
Social: @thedeskstand

What is your Return Policy?

Please click here go to view Return Center policy and submit a return.


Will the DeskStand™ damage my desk surface?

The base feet of a DeskStand™ are very small and therefore does not take up much surface area. Eco-friendly, water based, paint sealer is used to seal the birch plywood. This sealer is of the highest, top quality standards and has nonslip and protective properties. Overall we have had no bad feedback on this topic.

Can I stand at my DeskStand™ all day?

If you are new to standing while you work, we recommend beginning with standing for only 1 hour on your first day. Once you DeskStand™ ships you will receive an electronic guide to get your standing while you work. Download this guide, The Two Week StandWorking™ Challenge, and follow it over a 2 week period to slowly strengthens your bodies core muscles and stand for up to 4 hours per day. Ideally we recommend standing for no longer than half of your work day which is 4 hours. The DeskStand™ offers the balance the body needs, one can't stand all day but you can't sit all day either. 

If you are a standing veteran and find yourself standing for over 4 hours per day we recommend using an Anti Fatigue Foam Mat which takes the strain off the legs and heels. The 25mm foam works very well at adding extra standing hours to your day.

Can I demo the DeskStand™ before I decide to purchase one?

If you’re interested in getting your company or school on board, please send us a message to arrange for a demo. We unfortunately do not do trials at this point; however, we welcome visitors to come view our products at our showrooms.

If you are still not sure whether to purchase a DeskStand product, we do offer a 100% return policy when you order (As described above). This means that you may return your units for whatever reason, even if you feel that the DeskStand just is not working for you.

How do I purchase a DeskStand™?

You can get all your DeskStand™ products and accessories at our online shop, located at http://deskstand.co/collections/featured-deskstands.

Once you select your product and add it to the cart, navigate to the top right corner of our website to access your shopping cart and complete your purchase.

Can I use a credit/debit card to pay at checkout?

Yes, our online checkout supports payments via Credit/Debit Card and BITCOIN using PayFast 100% Secure checkout. You may pay with a credit/debit card when paying and collecting your DeskStand™ at one of our stores. International customers may pay via our PayPal Payment Portal. We also process manuel Tax Invoices for our corporate clients via EFT (Electronic funds transfer). Our customer service team would be happy to assist you with alternate payment options if required, please contact us with us if you have any further queries.

When will I get my DeskStand™?

We are committed to sourcing our products sustainably, so our inventory of certain orders may vary. We don't hold stock and all our wooden products are made to order however the most updated estimate of when your DeskStand™ will ship can be found on the product page of whichever product you’re considering.  

If your DeskStand™ has shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number to let you know where it is on route to you exactly. If you’ve ordered a DeskStand™ that has not yet shipped, we will do our best to get you standing at your DeskStand™ as soon as possible.

My screen is too close to me, how can I push it further back?

The DeskStand™ has been developed and designed to support many variations of large computer screens, however, not all are made equal. If you feel your screen is positioned too close to your eyes and you've tried to move it as far back as possible there is an alternative option. You may simply request a swap out of your JUMBO Shelf for our Deeper 400mm x 900mm Shelf, which is highly recommend! You may request a free swap out, depending on your location, or you may purchase the shelf separately with FREE delivery. Simply contact us here.   

What if my DeskStand™ wobbles after I order it?

The StabilizerThe JUMBO DeskStand™ is designed to hold 2 x 23" Screens side by side. Larger, heavier screens may need extra support. We do have a solution for your wobbly DeskStand™, it's called the Stabilizer which gives you up to 5 x times more stability and less wobble. You may also use it for the Original DeskStand.

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