5 ways to improve employee productivity

August 27, 2015 Sascha Lee Hugo

We spend most of our lives at work. 8 hours of the our day, in some cases even more. Its all a field of roses to begin with, however, when that fresh start begins to slow down and become boring, productivity starts to slow down too.


Some suggestions on improving productivity may just help get those spirits lifted as well as the level of productivity.

1.Constant training.

We feel better about our jobs and what we have to do when we know what we are doing. Constant revision and review can refresh the mind of the way things need to be done. This also allows for less frustrated energies.

2. Create incentives

There is no point in doing hours of work and hours of labour with no incentive. Yes your salary at the end of every month should help motivate, but being recognised for a job well done can lift the spirits and help drive us to want to do better. No one has ever said no to gifts and an extra gesture to show appreciation.

3. Having the right equipment

When doing a job there is nothing worse than having the wrong tools to do the job. Having the correct equipment not only makes the job or tasks easier to do, but also less frustrating and therefore making doing the job a pleasure.

4. Create a family like atmosphere

In any workplace or life situation there is a need to want to feel a part of something. by creating a ‘family’ like work environment, not only do we feel a part of something but also like we have a role to play thus creating a drive in the individual to want to be productive.

Embracing the fact that everyone is different and have different ways of thinking may just be the trick  to an easier communication stream.

5. Get employees a DeskStand

It has been identified that sitting for long periods of time will in the long run be hazardous to your health. We spend so much time in the workplace, and our biggest problem is we are caught behind a desk.  by having a standing desk, you are not only improving posture, but increasing concentration thus having a domino effect on the productivity within the workplace. 

These are but a few ways in which to make for a happier, more productive work environment, but also to improve the moral of employees. Happy employees, happy Bosses :)





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