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How Light Plays A Role In The Office

September 14, 2017 Kirsti Rivett

Offices are often associated with harmful fluorescent lights and large, corporate offices are no strangers to this type of lighting – it’s a cheap solution that’s long lasting. For that reason, they are also becoming common in most homes too. But how does this lighting affect you?

How lighting plays a role in office productivity

Are fluorescent lights bad for you?

As you may already know, the office environment has a direct impact on the way we work. Different colours in the office can enhance certain moods and office decor can motivate employees, creating a healthy company culture. It’s completely normal to be affected by the environment we spend majority of our time in. 

That’s why many believe spending long periods of time working under fluorescent lighting could be harmful to our health with its constant flickering and harsh unnatural light. And they’re right. Fluorescent lights are incredibly bad for you. Spending hours under this unnatural light can lead to a number of health problems such as migraines, eye strain, sleeping problems, depression, anxiety and an increased risk of cancer as stated by Dr Maxwell. Not only does it cause some major health concerns, the lighting also directly affects concentration levels. Yes, that's right, light has the ability to affect our productivity. Natural light keeps you more alert, and a new study suggests that the right lighting can improve students’ performance. Is your office guilty of installing harsh fluorescent lighting? And is your health and productivity being compromised? If so, there's a lot you can do about it.

What can you do about it?

The best thing you can do is to spend a little time working outside every day as natural light increases concentration and keeps you more alert. According to Dr Phil Maffetone, exposure to the sun and an increase in vitamin D also improves brain function and is good for eyesight. The Mini DeskStand is the perfect companion for working outside – it's easy to carry and install on picnic benches or other outside tables.

You can also tackle the lack of natural light in the office by installing more windows. But for those that find it difficult to arrange an outside office or install extra windows, we have a solution.

The Clamp Lamp is a great adjustable tool that can add light to office areas that aren't receiving enough natural light. Our LED light clamp lamp is perfect for reading, working or studying to increase your concentration and stop eye irritation with 4000K Neutral white light. It’s extremely long lasting with a lifespan of 9 years (based on 8 hours a day) – much longer than fluorescent lighting lasts.

The Clamp Lamp – perfect for reading, working or as study lamp.The Clamp Lamp – perfect for reading, working or as study lamp.

You can fade or brighten the light to your liking and it’ll even remember your previous setting with it’s smart memory function. Use it as a free-standing lamp, clamp it onto any surface or use it as a portable light on the go. This light is the perfect accessory for late nights at the office when natural sunlight has faded. It also provides impressive light for reviewing small details like engineering drawings. Power this innovative design by simply plugging it into any USB slot. Learn more about our clamp lamp here.


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