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Small Ways To Add Exercise Into Your Busy Life

April 16, 2018 Kirsti Rivett

The recommended amount of exercise is 150 minutes per week. For some, that might mean two hour-long gym sessions a week with some light walking in between. But for many, work and life often get in the way and before you know it you’ve missed those minutes you need. Don’t worry though, there’s a lot of ways you can sneak exercise into your busy routine.

First things first – stretch

Try setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual and wake up slowly, with some good-flowing stretch moves or even yoga if you like. Stretching also has multiple health benefits that you might not know about.


Park further away than usual

Sometimes something as simple as parking further away can help you increase your daily steps. So instead of trying to park as close to the entrance as possible, park a little further away. A bonus is that there's always plenty parking spaces!


Ditch the driving

Whilst we’re talking about driving, why not ditch it altogether? Depending on how far away the place you need to go is, you could either walk or cycle. It's the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone.


Stand and move

When you’re using your DeskStand, you don’t always need to be standing, you can move too! Get moving at your desk by doing simple exercises or use the Balance Board if you really want to tone up while you work.


Utilise your lunch hour

An hour is a long time. It’s almost enough time to rush off to the gym, put on your clothes, do a work out and rush right back. Try it, and see if it's a good way to use your time. You'll also feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next half of the day.


Set reminders

Technology surrounds us all day long, whether it's our phone or our computer. You can use either to schedule in your workouts or set reminders. Another piece of technology that can help keep your exercise up is a fitness watch that tracks your activity and steps per day.


Implement walking meetings

Meetings can take up a lot of time, and they are equally important. But when you can, try swap your sit-down meetings for walking ones, or standing ones with the Breakout Table.


Exercise with friends

When you're moving with friends, it's easier and more fun. Your workout will go quicker than expected and you can motivate each other. Making workout commitments with your friends also makes you more likely to stick to your schedule, because you don't want to let your friend down.


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