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The DeskStand by RCAgency – DesignIndaba home page article

March 16, 2015 Ryan Roberts

The DeskStand by RCAgency It’s said to be as deadly as smoking and sugar but have no fear, Cape Town-based designer Ryan Roberts has created a healthy alternative to sitting. Read the article here. Ryan Roberts’s Cape Town-based design firm RCAgency is providing an alternative to sitting away your nine-to-five day in front of the computer. Roberts’s creation, the DeskStand, makes you do one easy thing: Get up.  The DeskStand is an adaptable, wooden standing desk that improves your posture, keeps you focussed and is great for your back. The negative impact of sitting for extended hours is making standing...

Biz Community – Stand your way to a healthy work life - The DeskStand method

March 02, 2015 Ryan Roberts

Have you recently heard the phrase 'standing is the new smoking'? Have your colleagues started to get up at random intervals of the day, propping up their keyboards and screens and then just stand there working? These are all symptoms of a new trend that has hit the working world. Recent studies have shown that it is to your disadvantage to sit your nine-to-five day away. Those of us who have to sit the entire day, especially in front of a computer, will know that headaches, back pain and tense muscles is a common occurrence. Luckily, the solution is simple...

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