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Does Posture Affect Your Mood And Attitude?

June 04, 2018 Kirsti Rivett

On happy days, you stand tall, skip or even jump! But on sad days, you walk low with your head down, slouched over. As simple as it seems, it’s clear that our posture directly reflects our mood. So can we change our mood and attitude based on our posture?

Is Your Phone Causing Poor Posture?

April 30, 2018 Kirsti Rivett

How much time do you spend on your phone a day? The average person spends two - four hours a day looking down at their screen. No wonder cellphones have been linked to bad posture!

Small Ways To Add Exercise Into Your Busy Life

April 16, 2018 Kirsti Rivett

Are you struggling to find time to exercise? You're not the only one. Often life and work can get in the way. But don't worry, there's lots of different ways you can sneakily add exercise into your busy routine. Try these hacks instead.

Is Your Desk Job Ruining Your Health?

March 25, 2018 Kirsti Rivett

We've all heard the phase, "Sitting is the new smoking." And boy is it true. But how exactly is sitting “killing” you? Hang on and we’ll tell you. You might want to stand for this one.

Rules Of Success From Some Of The World’s Most Successful People

March 11, 2018 Kirsti Rivett

We’re all about positivity, supporting personal progression and celebrating wins, no matter how big or small. Success to us means an active body, clear mind, focused direction and positive attitude about life. For that reason, we want to share with you our favourite ‘rules for success’ from some of the most inspirational people in the world. 


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