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Sasha Martinengo

"Having used the DeskStand™ for the past few weeks, I think it is a great innovation for those who work a lot at their laptops and computers. By standing you help improve your posture quite a lot and you feel it. It also keeps you quite alert and focussed. I think it is fun and effective."

Sasha Martinengo, (Radio/DJ/Presenter)

wellness in the city

"Week two of our DeskStand™ Two Week challenge & feeling a positive change in our alignment! Read our review here about sharing details of how this wooden stand improves posture, strengthens muscles & helps with productivity."

Marisa Logan, (Wellness In The City)

Some of our Corporate clients:



"At Eventerprise, a young international venture, I work many late hours. The standing desk helps me stay active and not sit all day"

Götz Thumecke (Founder of Eventerprise)    


Nick Barnes (WHBO)
"Its great to be able to alternate between standing and sitting so easily, looks good and is simple yet a well designed quality product. It delivers what you expect..."

Nick Barnes (WHBO)

Megan Schumann (Elle Deco)
"DeskStand™ is a great innovation that should be included into every bodies homes and offices. Not only is it functional but it looks good too. We sit at our desks all day, so it was fantastic to take a break with DeskStand™. We found that working while standing got the blood flowing throughout our body much more than sitting down, and we felt so much more awake! " See the feature article here.

Megan Schumann (Elle Deco)

Mariken Steyn (Wellness Warehouse)
"My posture did improve due to not being able to slouch in my chair . I think this is ideal for people with back pain and pregnant ladies in their last trimester when sitting becomes uncomfortable.Thanks again for the opportunity to try it out! Love healthy innovations like this." 

Mariken Steyn (Wellness Warehouse)

Arthur Jones (Mens Health)
"I'm now mostly chair-less. I'm standing as I write this gear review. I finished my Two Week Standing Challenge with the DeskStand™ and I am a fully-fledged believer. I'm such a fan that I bought the review unit I couldn't let them take it back . I’ve become fond of my work partner and the smell of the Baltic Birch plywood and the smart design." Read the article here.

Arthur Jones (Mens Health)

Henk De Villiers (2oceansvibe Media)
"I really enjoyed using it, I did feel like I had more energy to go through the day and I didn't get bored as quickly... My posture has also improved as I am constantly aware of it. In general i dig it and I really think it is a great initiative product." 

Henk De Villiers (2oceansvibe Media)
Llewellyn Roos (OpenBoxSoftware)
"We share the DeskStand™ as a remote workstation for times when we just need to stretch our legs or think on our feet. It's a lightweight, cost effective way to promote a healthier, more energetic workplace."

Llewellyn Roos (Open Box Software)
 Winner 2014 Discovery Healthiest Employees award



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