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bar nimble stool for standing meetings desk furniture

Nimble Stool


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nimble chair stool adjustable ergonomic standing at the office

As sitting makes way for standing in the workplace, we searched for the perfect perch to allow seamless transitions between the two. The Nimble Stool is an ideal companion for your standing table. Scatter them around our Breakout Table for team sprint meetings or place one up against a A-Stand as a point of refuge should your feet grow tired of standing.

  • Super Space Saving stool at only 415mm Wide x 750mm High
  • Super strong design ensures a form seat and stable when sitting.
  • NO ASSEMBLY required, come pre-assembled.
  • Seat height of 750mm and a foot ring to comfortably rest your weary feet.
  • The Nimble Stool available singularly or as a set of 8.
  • Product ships assembled!
  • Note: This product is made to order and therefore our no returns policy applies.

bar nimble stool for standing meetings desk furniture

License: The above products are licensed by our company. DeskStand is proud to be apart of the Opendesk maker network of professional makers.
Designed by: Ben Baker

standing desk stool

Wood material used



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