The Stabilizer - DeskStand™
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The Stabiliser For DeskStand


Delivery Time: 5 - 8 working days
*Please Note: We do not cover customs or import duties for overseas shipments.

Need extra strong stability? The JUMBO DeskStand is designed to hold up to 2 x 23" Screens side by side. If you have a large, heavy 27" screen and concerned about the DeskStand being unstable (or wobblying) you can add The Stabiliser to your setup. The Stabiliser gives your DeskStand up to 5 x times more stability.

Same goes for the Original DeskStand.

The Stabilizer can be purchased either separately for your existing JUMBO or Original DeskStand or together with your new DeskStand order.


•  1mm High tensioned, strength cabling 
•  Easy to adjust Turnbuckle hook adjusts to various height and tension requirements
•  Simply assembles and attaches to an existing JUMBO DeskStand or Original DeskStand.

Note: We will send you a new ladder and base with pre-drilled holes and collect your old ladder and base for free! 



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