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DeskStand – Pretty, Functional & Good for Your Health!

October 17, 2016 Ryan Roberts

In The Pretty Blog offices, we regularly stand and work at our office counter – we find that we’re able to focus better and get tasks done quickly and efficiently (because when you’re standing, you want to finish things as quickly as possible!). Recently, we were introduced to DeskStand, a company based in Cape Town, which specialises in ergonomic stands for your computer or laptop. The concept is based on the reality that most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle – we don’t get up and take a walk as often as we should. Our team participated in the two-week ‘Stand Working Challenge’ and loved how beautifully it fit into our daily routine! We chatted to Ryan Roberts, founder of DeskStand, and asked him to tell us a bit more about his story and the benefits of standing, instead of sitting.


DeskStand Standing Desk SitStand Desk Adjustable

Where it all began

I have always been intrigued by how things work – I used to take my remote-controlled cars apart and put them back together just to see what made them run. Building things from scratch and working with my hands have always been passions of mine and this fascination with electronic workings inspired me throughout my childhood. I studied graphic design and became interested in 3D programmes.

DeskStand Standing Desk SitStand Desk Adjustable

Developing DeskStand

Two years after learning how to create 3D designs, I identified the need for high-end 3D designs and started creating various product models around that. Soon after I founded a design agency in the creative suburb of Cape Town, Woodstock. In August 2014, my back was giving me problems from sitting for extended periods while working on my laptop. My chiropractor suggested that I try standing whilst working, to strengthen and activate various back and leg muscles which ‘switch off’ while sitting or sleeping. I found that standing improved my posture, strengthened my core and even burnt some calories. I read up on the health benefits of standing as well as using standing desks and found that the standing desk was not a new phenomenon whatsoever. I took advantage of my product design background and decided to build my very own standing desk. That’s when I founded DeskStand – and I have been standing and working ever since.

DeskStand Standing Desk SitStand Desk Adjustable

Benefits of standing

My biggest discovery from standing while working was that my body generally felt stronger and could “carry” itself again. My sciatica nerve pain disappeared and I was able to focus on my work for much longer. I’m also twice as productive compared to when I’m sitting because I generally feel more lethargic when I sit down. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t recommend standing all of the time, but I don’t advise sitting all the time either – life is all about balance! DeskStand offers that balance the body craves, especially when you’re sitting for extended periods of time a day....

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