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How Posture Plays A Vital Role In Our Overall Health

October 22, 2017 Kirsti Rivett

At some point in our childhood, we’ve all heard our mother say, “Sit up straight!”, “Shoulders back!” and “Stop slouching”. It’s because good posture impacts our health in numerous ways and, well, mothers always know best, of course.

Posture is the position in which one holds their body when standing or sitting, or more specifically how one’s muscles hold their body. Good posture provides a number of health benefits, as well as a number of social benefits like appearing more confident and comfortable.

Bad posture, on the other hand, can cause poor circulation, stiff muscles, aches and pains, poor digestion and tiredness (to name just a few!). It's an easy habit to get into and a tough one to break, and if continued, can have some serious health implications. What’s worse is that over time, bad posture can start to feel natural to a person, making it even harder to recognise when to correct it.

Improve posture

Why is good posture so important?

In today's time, we're required to do more sit-down tasks than ever before. This is due to long office hours, advances in technology and the world moving more into a digital space – all of which can contribute to the way we sit and stand. When we're so focused on our work and getting through the busy day, we don't think about how we might be slouching in our chair or bending our neck to view our screens. And when this becomes a bad habit, we don't think about correcting it at all.

We need to start correcting our posture and becoming more aware of how it contributes to our overall health. Here are some of the reasons why good posture matters:


Improves circulation

Prolonged sitting with combined bad posture has a terrible effect on your blood circulation, especially your lower body, and poor circulation is often linked to other health issues like high blood pressure. When you have good posture your blood can circulate and flow through your whole body with ease.

Reduces aches and stiffness

Stress on joints, ligaments and the spine occurs when your muscles are forced to maintain an unnatural stance. This can cause back pain and in extreme cases, arthritis. By making small, consistent changes to improve your posture, you will relieve the strain and reduce aches significantly.

Helps digestion

When you slouch, your organs get squashed. This means it’s more difficult for your body to digest food and can often lead to constipation. If you’re sitting/standing up straight, your food can easily move through your body and reach all the places it needs to, digesting fully.

Better oxygen and energy levels

Just as poor posture squashes your digestive organs, it also squashes your respiratory organs. When you’re not sitting upright, your lungs get squashed and this affects your oxygen intake. Oxygen is important for keeping our energy levels up (and breathing, of course!).

A healthy weight and lifestyle

Posture helps maintain a healthy weight by keeping your muscles healthy, strong and used correctly. Good posture can also significantly change your mood and has been known to help reduce depression. See if you notice the difference when you slouch, you might feel a little down. Now try sitting up straight and you'll automatically feel better, more focused and optimistic.

How to fix your posture

Because sitting is one of the greatest contributors to poor posture, the best thing you can do to improve your posture is to try stand more than you sit. You can also start making a conscious decision to correct yourself whenever you feel you're hunching over or slouching.

We have two devices that can help you correct your posture if you’re having difficulty remembering to correct it. Our LUMO Lift posture-correcting device tells you when you need to stand/sit tall by gently vibrating whenever you slouch.

The LUMO Lift posture correcting device

Our StabilityAce is an upper back posture correcting device that will give you the support you need and prevent you from slouching in front of your computer, keeping you in the proper posture position all day.

StabilityAce posture correcting device

Another good posture tip is to keep working on building a strong core. A strong core can automatically correct your posture. Exercises like Yoga and Pilates all help strengthen your core and will help you perfect your posture in no time.

Get in touch with our DeskStand team and we'll gladly help you overcome your posture troubles so you can avoid expensive medical bills and preserve your health for the future.


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