New member of the team: What is happening behind the scenes of DeskStand?

February 20, 2017 Eleonore Chair

After a month in the DeskStand team, this is my experience:

First of all, my name is Eléonore I am the new “happiness and community manager”.
I’m from France, where the winter and cold reign now. What was a pleasure to arrive in this beautiful country and to be greeted warmly by a friendly work team.

So, I’m going to tell you, what is happening behind the scenes of DeskStand:

When I arrived downstairs, in the factory there was music, a lot of machines for the wood, workers worked very closely and and obviously there was a good smell of wood…

Upstairs: what a good working atmosphere, with music, all kinds of ergonomics products like the JUMBO DeskStand, Curve Stand ...

I quickly realized that work here is serious while has an active and healthy lifestyle with a fun atmosphere.

So, after 1 month, I can say that work in DeskStand team made me aware of the risks associated with an overly sedentary lifestyle, but also give me the opportunity to work in a healthy environment using our various products (and soon with my own JUMBO DeskStand☺)

Then, I have been trained and immersed with the DeskStand culture: First quality, then quantity, our priority is to raise awareness of the danger of prolonged sitting and to change bad habits at work. And it is with pleasure that we always strive to give you the best customer service, quality products and satisfaction guarantee.

Being part of the DeskStand Team is also to participate in the evolution of a startup with good values, to invent new products, to improve the design of the existing ones, always with a high quality and of course: constantly seeking to meet all the needs of the customers! ❤

And it is just the beginning of the adventure


Kind Regards,



Eléonore Chair

Happiness & Community Manager

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