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Is It Time For A Workplace Revamp?

November 23, 2017 Ryan Roberts

When you think about what your work environment looks like, what words come to mind? Dull, dark, dated? We hope not, because how our office looks, has a much bigger impact on our lives than you may think. Our work space should compliment and support our healthy lifestyles and if it doesn’t, it’s time for a workplace revamp! Just in time for the new year.

Time for an office make-over?

When it comes to office décor some businesses opt for the cheap and easy-to-maintain options and some understand the need to look chic and smart for business. It’s true, first impressions matter and the way an office looks can easily sway a person’s decision to become invested in the brand. But bussinesses should be looking beyond profit and convenience when it comes to creating a presentable office, and start considering how their employees feel about the place in which they spend most of their time.

The way an office looks has a direct effect on the way employees work and interact in their work environment. Employees that work in dull, dark or dated offices can feel disconnected and uncomfortable in their work environments, resulting in a negative effect on productivity, wellness and employee satisfaction.

Changing up your office décor

Revamping your office space is about making sure you, and those around you are excited, motivated and happy to come into work every day. It’s about creating an environment where people feel at home, feel proud of the area in which they work and most importantly, a place where everybody can get stuff done. According to Elle Decor, factors like colour, furnture and lighting are key to maximising productivity.

How office decor affects productivity

Whilst productivity is often the responsibility of an employee (read more about that in our last article, here), there are many factors surrounding a workplace that could be affecting your productivity.

Here are a few things to consider when revamping your workplace:


Something as simple as the colour of a wall has the power to decrease anxiety, especially in fast paced environments. A bright or light coloured wall can inspire creativity, energise an environment and give a feeling of confidence in boardrooms. It’s important to pick the best and most appropriate colour palette for your industry. Every job is different so it’s important to be surrounded by a colour that stimulates the right mindset.


In one of our past articles, we spoke about how light plays a role in the office. Natural light elevates people’s moods and is the best light for your eyes. If you can, move your desk as close to natural light as possible or invest in a Clamp Lamp, especially for late nights when your eyes are sensitive to harsh lighting.


There can never been enough cupboards, storage units or desk organizers in an office. In fact, sticking to a minimalist approach when decorating an office is key. Keeping clutter out of the way will allow employees to work in a clean space, making thinking and productivity easy.


Living plants make beautiful accessories and also serve as natural air purifiers in the office, cancelling airborne germs and chemicals in small spaces. Plants also give a sense of calmness and the colour green is a great colour for people that work long hours because it helps with eye fatigue.


Are you familiar with the classic office air-conditioning war? On, off, on, off! It's probably because room temperature can have a profound effect on productivity. Although temperature is not specifically related to décor, some businesses avoid installing aircons or heaters as they appear ‘unattractive’. Workers often get frustrated when it’s uncomfortably hot and it causes distraction. In fact, productivity has been proven to decline if an office is too warm. The same applies if an office is too cold. This can be fixed by keeping the temperature moderate at room temperature of about 25-26 degrees with the help of air conditioners. It could also help end the air-conditioning/window wars.


An open, free-flowing office plan is great for creating a happy office culture as it encourages communication. Many businesses choose an open space layout because it saves space and is more affordable. All employees are different and some refer having their own space away from distractions. If you’re one of those who refers their own space, speak up and ask to move to a place where there might be less distractions, or ask for a desk divider.


Although an open plan space creates a happy company culture, it's important to have designated areas for specific type of work. Offices may differ in needs depending on the industry, but many offices that encourage creativity should have designated areas where teams can get creative, brainstorm and work effectivity in a team. Adding a Breakout Table to a section is a perfect way to create a space for creative brainstorm sessions or standing meetings.

Colour in an office affects productivity

 Ready to revamp your workplace to optimize productivity? We have a number of different furniture options, standing desks, stools and storage units – you name it! Let's make your office space reflect your healthy office culture.


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