Posture problems? Improve yours by understanding the causes

March 29, 2017 Eleonore Chair

Without good posture, we can’t be physically fit

Having good posture is as important as having a good diet, getting a good night's sleep, doing physical activities, having a social life... Good posture is a way of doing things better, with more energy, less anxiety and fatigue.

 However, too many people suffer from bad posture and the pain caused by it… But GOOD NEWS, it's possible to improve posture at any age by understanding the causes of it.

Where do unhealthy/Bad postures come from?

 Poor posture can be developed because of accidents or falls.

But bad posture can also develop from environmental factors or bad habits. This means that we have control to correct it. These bad postures result in most cases from: 

  • Bad habits taken from childhood: Lack of awareness of correct posture "Stand up straight!"
  • A bad foot placement: Our feet must be in a natural and comfortable position, if the feet are rolled inward it causes knees to bend and the back to slouch. = Even worse with improper shoes.
  • Poor ergonomic work-stations : As we become a more electronic society, with more and more people working at sedentary desk jobs or sitting in front of computer screen. This sitting posture for too long with bad working habits is definitely bad for the body.
  • Muscle weakness: if the body has areas that are particularly weak, it will not be held upright against gravity in the most effective manner. This will cause poor posture and pain.
  • Other causes: Poor sleep support (mattress), bad position watching tv, phone and other electronic devices... heavy backpack or handbag, fatigue, disease and nutritional state, mental attitude and stress, aging, are other factors that lead to bad posture


So… How to build posture-friendly habits?

Now that you know the possible reasons for a unhealthy posture, here are some things to do to correct it:

  • Stretching first thing in the morning
  • Constantly checking your posture: straight back, shoulders raised
  • Avoid sitting all day, vary: stand, move, stretch, walk or find the right balance between standing/sitting with the JUMBO DeskStand
  • Strengthen your muscles: By practicing physical activities (good exercises: Planks, Back Extensions...) You can find excellent exercises with videos to strengthen muscles, here:
  • Good support equipment (good ergonomic chair, car seat properly adjusted, good sleeping support: quality mattress…)
  • Wear comfortable footwear when standing and use the Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat or the Gorilla Grip – Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat to avoid muscle fatigue and pain when standing for long time.
  • You can use LUMO Lift - Posture Correcting Device, it reminds you to sit up straight by gently vibrating when you slouch. 

 It is not too late to take charge of your lives and correct your bad posture... 

~ You can see HERE our article to self-evaluate your posture
HERE some excellent exercises to strengthen your muscles ;
~ And HERE our ergonomic products to improve your working (sitting/standing) conditions.




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